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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dream Rugby Children in Karnataka U-16 team

11 children from our Dream Rugby Programme were in the under 16 Karnataka probables list. They have been practicing with children from other premier international schools for two months. On October 28th the final squad was announced and six boys from the Dream Rugby Programme made it to the squad. The six boys are Tamim, Yelappa, Nandish, Rakshith, Manja and Ranjith.

The Karnataka Rugby and Football Union is trying to schedule matches with teams from Pune and Srilanks before the grand finale – The Nationals. The National Inter-state Rugby championship is taking part in Orissa from December 9th to 12th. According to Coach Dave Armstrong, “We have a very strong team and the minimum I am expecting is a top 4 finish, if not winning the nationals.”

KRFU had organized a meet with the parents of the squad members on 1st November to brief them about the tournament and take the children into confidence. 3 of our children with single parent couldn’t bring their parent as they work as domestic help and couldn’t take holiday even on this Sunday.

This selection opens up great opportunity for the six children. The National selectors will be in attendance at the tournament. These children for whom pursuing a sport was unthinkable, are now getting a chance to showcase their talent at the National level. The best thing is most of the 6 boys are in their 8th standard and are 13 or 14 years old. This means they still have 2 to 3 years to play at this level and improve the game and they have a real chance of making it to the next level.

Dream a Dream’s goal is not making children excel in sports but we are committed to promoting promising talent in our programmes. We are very happy and excited for the 6 boys and wish them all the very best for the Nationals.

- Rakesh Kumar N (Programme Champion, Sports)